Local road knowledge?

Hello all,

Now this is where we need YOUR help for our Ride4OCD!

Allow me to explain, much of our route planning is done using a website called www.ridewithgps.com which allows us to map out our cycle routes via embedded Google maps, which the website then converts them into GPX files for our bike Garmin sat-nav’s.

Bike Sat-Nav’s are not just an expensive toy, if you are cycling 70-miles in an area you do not know you really, really don’t want to have to stop at every single junction to figure out which direction to go in, especially if it is raining! And unlike car sat-nav’s, you don’t want to simply ride from point A to B, you often want to plot the exact route via non-busy roads, landmarks etc, hence the map plotting above.

Ride With GPS screenshot

Ride With GPS screenshot

However, whilst for the most part we take great care to keep our journey firmly routed on minor B-roads and concrete cycle paths, often using Google street view to take a look at the road surface when plotting our journey, this is not full-proof and nothing beats local knowledge. So this is where you come in! If you know the roads we are cycling, please do take a look and if you have suggestions for us please do get in touch, or post on this blog. Maybe you see our maps having us crossing a major road junction which is not cycle friendly, or you know of a local landmark well worth cycling past, or a road to avoid, do let us know.

See, this really will be a team effort 

Ashley Fulwood is an OCD sufferer fighting back. He is also the chief executive of the national charity, OCD-UK.

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