Live Tracking

One of the beautiful things about our 2013 charity ride was that on a few occasions we had people waiting along our planned route to welcome us and cheer us past. That may not sound like much, but after 50 miles in the saddle seeing someone (strangers) waiting to give us a little cheer really was so helpful and morale boosting.

A new tool we want to try and implement for the August JOGLE ride is embedding a Garmin live tracking map on the website. What this should do is give those following us on the side of the roads, or at home a page where they can see exactly where we are. People can follow our progress live and be either amazed at how well we are doing, or maybe more likely see how slow we are riding up those steep hills that lay ahead for us!

We still have some work to do on the technology aspect of embedding that in a single webpage (any experts out there who can help with this please do let us know), or it may be we post a link daily with the Garmin tracking link for the day. Another factor we need to establish is if enabling that feature on our Garmin/phones will drain our battery during a long 8-10 hour ride. So the plan is, technology allowing, we will be making live tracking available!

Our Garmin devices are little sat-nav devices that sit on our handlebars telling us which turns to take.


Not cheap, but makes life far, far easier than having to stop at every junction to work out which turn to take! That said, the picture on the main homepage slider of Paul looking dumbfounded at this Garmin suggests different ;)

Ashley Fulwood is an OCD sufferer fighting back. He is also the chief executive of the national charity, OCD-UK.

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