Please note this is an draft route map which we will be continually updating, up to and possibly on the day of the ride itself.

Friday 14th August 2015
To view the full 19-day route plan, click here.

Route Information: Inverness to Newtonmore
Miles to cycle: 63.7 miles
Altitude to climb: 5393 ft

Day Summary
Compared to many of our days riding this is a shortish day at 64 miles, but we could reduce it further to 54 miles. Now this is where we need some local knowledge input please. At the moment we have routed our day to run along the old General Wade Military Road running alongside Loch Ness, a route of nearly 65 miles. There is a 10-mile shorter and easier route along the NCR (National Cycle Route) that runs alongside the A9 through Aviemore. Now fitness may dictate an easier route, but if the legs are still feeling good that day, our question to those with local knowledge is the General Wade Military Road running alongside Loch Ness the more picturesque of the two routes? Would it be worth an extra 10-miles?

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