Please note this is an draft route map which we will be continually updating, up to and possibly on the day of the ride itself.

Thursday 13th August 2015
To view the full 19-day route plan, click here.

Route Information: Ullapool to Inverness
Miles to cycle: 57.2 miles
Altitude to climb: 2440 ft

Day Summary
We zig-zag back across Scotland now as we ride back east into Inverness, the capital of the Highlands of Scotland. The day itself was kept to relatively low mileage in order to give us time to ride into Inverness, shower and eat and then deliver an OCD event in the evening.

The cycling itself should be one of our easier Scottish days in terms of distance and climbing, with the bulk of the climbing for the day in one 860ft climbing starting at Loch Broom about 12-miles into the day.

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