Please note this is an draft route map which we will be continually updating, up to and possibly on the day of the ride itself.

Saturday 22nd August 2015
To view the full 19-day route plan, click here.

Route Information: Liverpool to Welshpool
Miles to cycle: 76.4 miles
Altitude to climb: 2883 ft

Day Summary
One of our objectives for Ride4OCD is to incorporate all three British Isle nations, whilst a direct route would be easier, JOGLE2015 is about reaching as many people as possible, so we will spend two days cycling through Wales.

We will leave Liverpool and head across the bridge at Runcorn, before heading into Wales at Wrexham, most likely our lunch stop for the day. We will then head south into Welshpool, meaning we will start the day from a Liverpool and end it in the aptly named Welshpool.

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