Please note this is an draft route map which we will be continually updating, up to and possibly on the day of the ride itself.

Friday 21st August 2015
To view the full 19-day route plan, click here.

Route Information: Malham to Liverpool
Miles to cycle: 72.5 miles
Altitude to climb: 2324 ft

Day Summary
After the previous days climbing challenge, the run into Liverpool, although a longer 72.5 mile day is inly 2324 ft all day, so effectively our flattest day of the entire tour.

We will enter into Liverpool completing our own two day coast-to-coast from Whitley Bay. We chose Liverpool because of our strong connections with the city, our own chair, Catherine is based locally, as is our third team member, Lisa. A good opportunity for Lisa to do all our washing! ;) (when she reads this I suspect I may get bit of a ear bashing).

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