Day 15 – Dedicated to Charlotte and her daughter

Tomorrow we will be leaving Wales for the final stage of our journey into the South West of England during this coming week. We will be riding 60 miles from Crickhowell in Wales, through Bristol and into the South West.

In recent weeks we have been working closely with a lady based in Bath called Charlotte. Charlotte has suffered from OCD for 12 years, impacting on her university studies, family and home life. We have been working to help her access specialist treatment for her debilitating OCD. She is determined to work hard at therapy for her own sake, and that of her daughter, she is determined to fight her OCD and win her life back! So tomorrow we will dedicate our ride to Charlotte and her daughter.

Ashley Fulwood is an OCD sufferer fighting back. He is also the chief executive of the national charity, OCD-UK.

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