Day 13 – Dedicated to Snowbear

Saturday’s 67 mile ride from Liverpool into Welshpool through North Wales was dedicated to one of our members, our forum user Snowbear. Snowbear supported our charity for some time, so we are delighted to have ridden through her part of the world, and with the rain clearing and the sun shining when we crossed from Cheshire into North Wales, that’s a good omen for the future Snowbear!!!

This was our route through North Wales –

Snowbear told us, Thinking of you planning the day ahead on the map will help me focus when I long to give up on the challenge that is life-in-the-grip-of-OCD. One day at a time, one hour at a time, one heartbeat at a time if needs be. That’s the mantra I say to myself when things get tough.

Do it for all of us! Woo-hoo! Go, Ashley and co. Get those wheels-a-turning.

Ashley Fulwood is an OCD sufferer fighting back. He is also the chief executive of the national charity, OCD-UK.

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