19 Dedications

Do you know somebody who is having a difficult time with OCD? Are you having a difficult time with OCD?

Next month, Professor Salkovskis, Lisa and I will be cycling 1200 miles over 19 days to raise awareness about OCD and to fundraise for our charity. Each of those 19 days will be a challenge, both a physical and mental challenge to just keep going. Although we have cycled before, it does not get any easier with age and waking up day-after-day knowing we have 70+ miles of burning legs to endure is part of the mental challenge that awaits us.

But we will do it because we know only too well that for people suffering with OCD that their challenge is far greater and far more draining than what we will have to endure! Our challenge will end after about 70 miles and after 19 days, for people with OCD their challenge is surviving the entire day and the torment of the mental torture that OCD brings only ends when they close their eyes and drift off to sleep, well until they wake and go through the repetitiveness all over again. That is the kind of strength and bravery we simply must do justice for and complete our challenge.

Although we are riding for everyone with OCD, we intend to dedicate each day of our 19-day journey to 19 individuals with OCD who perhaps deserve our support, for us when the pain begins, knowing we are riding for those 19 individuals will spur us on to our daily goal.

So if you know somebody who is having a difficult time with OCD, or if you are having a difficult time with OCD yourself, please do shoot us an email at office@ocduk.org before the end of July and Paul, Lisa and I will choose 19 names to Ride4OCD.

Ashley Fulwood is an OCD sufferer fighting back. He is also the chief executive of the national charity, OCD-UK.

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